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Chicago Areas Of Growth Expected For 2022

Chicago Areas Of Growth Expected For 2022

As the new year sets in, everyone is thinking about what exciting opportunities will be available and how we can take advantage of those when presented.  One of the most anticipated areas investors believe will outperform and increase in value is Bronzeville, especially near the Green Line. 

Cityscapes Property Finder is a great tool to quickly identify vacant, underdeveloped, and value-add properties near any transit line, but the Green Line especially.

The Green Line runs north/south through Bronzeville and also runs east/west to the Near West Side from the United Center through Garfield Park, into Austin, and all the way to Oak Park.  It is the south arm of this line that will bring tremendous value to growth expected in Bronzeville. 

Bronzeville will experience a lot of the momentum from new construction, but there is also a new transit-oriented development coming soon.  A high-rise complex is being built at the 43 Green Line station that the city is supporting through TIF and low income housing tax credits. 

Stay tuned for more on areas of Chicago expected to have huge growth in 2022.

Key points:

  • Infrastructure development in the area
  • Government incentives for Landlords
  • Digital tools

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