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Is There Demand For Industrial Space Under 10,000 SF in the Chicago Market?

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Is the Industrial sector growth directly related to E-Commerce growth in Chicagoland?

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If you look at the e-commerce growth forecast for the next 10 years, it's pretty strong. It's pretty robust and it's growing much faster than the US economy. There's an argument to be made that at some point the multi-family industry has to return to the norm because population growth in the US is slowing. Multi-family is a factor of population growth in the end. If your population drops, you need less units. But e-commerce is different. E-commerce can grow at 2x, 3x, or even 5x the read more >>

Retail vs Industrial real estate investments post Covid?

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For the next few years the retail market will underperform significantly, however, the real debacle will be in office space. Office space is the slowest debacle you can ever imagine because the average office lease is five to seven years and the average office tenant has hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank. The average class C tenant has $400 in the bank, so it's very difficult for companies to default on leases without destroying their credit history.  So back to e-commerce. There is no read more >>