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What Is a Modified Gross Lease

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When it comes to engaging a landlord to lease a commercial property, it is important to understand the different service types that are in the marketplace.  Lease services can often range from full service gross to triple ne... read more >>

What Is AS-IS As It Relates To Commercial Leasing

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Leasing commercial space is a big responsibility – the success, or failure, of your business may ride on certain terms of the lease. Landlords can offer their property to prospective tenants a variety of different ways. Some... read more >>

What Is A Commercial Letter Of Intent - LOI

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A Commercial Letter of Intent, also known as an LOI, is the proper way to begin negotiations when it comes to leasing property from a Landlord or purchasing property from an owner.  As a Tenant Representative, an agent utili... read more >>

Non-Conforming Uses in the O’Hare Market

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It is quite common for GC Realty & Development, LLC to receive multiple inquiries on a commercial property, and have to deny certain buyers, due to the property being unable to satisfy their specific “use”. This me... read more >>

Meet The Commercial Brokers

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GC Realty & Development, LLC (GCR&D) has been assisting their clients in the sales and acquisitions of commercial properties since 2003. Our Brokers understand that local knowledge is the key in driving maximum opportunity... read more >>

Are Cook County Commercial Properties Under Assessed?

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Many readers were probably enticed to click on this article to see if it was a joke, however, this was the storyline in a recently published Daily Herald article. The article focuses on how assessed values in Cook County lacked un... read more >>

Chicago’s Premiere Commercial Brokerage

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It all began in 2003 with an idea that was simple, yet unique for a small business: create a company culture built upon responsiveness, both within the organization and to the clients the organization serviced. This year, for... read more >>

What Our Company's Logo Stands For

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When talking with customers and investors, I often get asked what “GC” stands for and what the meaning behind our logo is. I will get into what “GC” represents in another article, but I wanted to share with... read more >>
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