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GC Realty & Development is keeping busy

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GC Realty & Development’s Commercial Brokerage in Roselle recently brokered several Commercial Real Estate transactions totaling more than 100,000 square feet. Read the full article featured in the Daily Herald Busi... read more >>

Is Retail A Problem Or Opportunity

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In a recent article posted on The Real Deal’s website, it stated that in 2020 there were 8,741 retail store closings and of that total, 3,151 were clothing stores that had closed. This trend seems to not be slowing down in 2... read more >>

What Is a Modified Gross Lease

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When it comes to engaging a landlord to lease a commercial property, it is important to understand the different service types that are in the marketplace.  Lease services can often range from full service gross to triple ne... read more >>

What Is AS-IS As It Relates To Commercial Leasing

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Leasing commercial space is a big responsibility – the success, or failure, of your business may ride on certain terms of the lease. Landlords can offer their property to prospective tenants a variety of different ways. Some... read more >>

What Is A Commercial Letter Of Intent - LOI

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A Commercial Letter of Intent, also known as an LOI, is the proper way to begin negotiations when it comes to leasing property from a Landlord or purchasing property from an owner.  As a Tenant Representative, an agent utili... read more >>

Non-Conforming Uses in the O’Hare Market

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It is quite common for GC Realty & Development, LLC to receive multiple inquiries on a commercial property, and have to deny certain buyers, due to the property being unable to satisfy their specific “use”. This me... read more >>

Meet The Commercial Brokers

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GC Realty & Development, LLC (GCR&D) has been assisting their clients in the sales and acquisitions of commercial properties since 2003. Our Brokers understand that local knowledge is the key in driving maximum opportunity... read more >>

Are Cook County Commercial Properties Under Assessed?

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Many readers were probably enticed to click on this article to see if it was a joke, however, this was the storyline in a recently published Daily Herald article. The article focuses on how assessed values in Cook County lacked un... read more >>

Chicago’s Premiere Commercial Brokerage

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It all began in 2003 with an idea that was simple, yet unique for a small business: create a company culture built upon responsiveness, both within the organization and to the clients the organization serviced. This year, for... read more >>
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